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The Reconnection Company (RECO) and Leecy Wise, Owner and Consultant, create avenues for people to communicate with each other and to interact with resources tailored to their learning needs. We promote learning, and we make it our business to find out how that can best happen among those we serve.

RECO's mission is to foster and nurture digital (online, web-conferencing, and live video interaction) and onsite communities among those who want to expand their abilities to serve learners of all ages. We are a training center and a curriculum resource for alternative ways of helping people learn how to learn.

Because technology offers so many ways to reach underserved populations, we focus our efforts on developing resources that can be offered through web and video conferencing, and interactive online instruction.

Leecy retired as a tenured ESL/Basic Skills instructor and Technology Trainer at El Paso Community College to work as an educational consultant with her own Reconnection Company. She currently serves as a LINCS trainer and resource reviewer. In addition to her work as an evaluator for projects serving Native Americans in the Four Corners region, Leecy also trains teachers (PreK-College and Adult Ed) online, through live-video, and onsite on a variety of topics: adult literacy and college preparation, open educational resources (OER), integrated instructional practices, early reading acquisition, early childhood development, real-life math instruction, instructional technology and distance ed delivery, ESL instruction, and cultural influences on learning. She is the curriculum designer and publisher for the highly-innovative Southwest Colorado STEM Prep Project and creates contextualized digital content to prepare future workers to succeed in training for Trucking, Heavy Equipment, and Health occupations. To access more details on Leecy's background, click on the Leecy's Resume link below.

Learning is change. We believe that learning is natural. If it isn't happening, something is wrong.

Learning is an individual thing. If we want to direct learning, we must know the learner. The rest is just planning and interacting, and planning and interacting, and planning and interacting, in as many ways as we possibly can!

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Is it better to have learned and forgotten than never to have learned at all?


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