Content Training

People of all ages learn in different ways. They are interested in different things, and they have succeeded in life by developing strengths that are unique to their presence on earth. Training in any content area must respond to the identities of those acquiring the new skill. We excel in being able to identify your need and tailor a response.

We provide on-site, online, video conferencing, webconferencing and other forms of interactive training to bring people together to find their way of approaching challenges. Popular topics for which we have developed curricula include the following:

bullet Academic Skills in STEM-Related Occupational Environments (beginning to intermediate readers)
bullet Basic Life Skills ( beginning to intermediate readers)
bullet Integrated and Contextualized Instruction
bullet Using OER (Open Educational Resources) among Adult Learners
bullet Pre-GED and GED Prep
bullet Portuguese and Spanish
bullet Computer Training
bullet English as a Second Language
bullet Grant Writing
bullet Beginning Readers Series for Native American Students, in Budgeting, Handling Money, and Cultural Job Issues

Teacher Training

Teachers benefit from interaction with each other and with course content, as well as with the instructor. We enjoy sharing best practices on the implementation of content through a variety of means: onsite sessions, online interaction (assignments and discussions), and phone conferencing and support. Popular training sessions have covered the following topics:

bullet Managing Instruction among Adults (ABE, GED, and ESL)
bullet Creating and Sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) among Adult Learners
bullet Cultural Influences on Learning
bullet Early Literacy Development
bullet Best Practices in Delivering Live Video Instruction
bullet Best Practices in Delivering Online and Hybrid Instruction
bullet Hybrid Instruction using Web 2.0 tools
bullet Differentiating Learning and and Instruction
bullet Student-Centered Instruction and Intake in Adult Ed Programs
bullet Basic Grant-Writing Tips
bullet ESL Tips and Suggestions
bullet Lesson Planning with or without Technology
bullet Integrating Students into Learning
bullet Applying Multiple Intelligences with Learners
bullet Teaching the Learning Disabled Adult
bullet Teaching with WebQuests
bullet Technology as an Ideal Classroom Tool
bullet MS Office Applications for Educators
bullet Performance Assessment through Rubrics
bullet Hooking Adult Learners
bullet Project-Based Learning and Assessment
bullet Identifying and Expanding Your Cultural Habits and Values
bullet Projects using MS Office and Other Applications
bullet Creating WebQuests
bullet Developing Functional Literacy among Children and Adults

Some of our workshop agendas and handouts are available to you at no charge as long as you credit the source.

Grant Writing

We offer access to grant resources. We are also grant writers for those who have a clear vision and know what they want from funding.

Project Evaluation

We evaluate projects funded to meet educational objectives, in collaboration with the Learning, Evaluation, and Resources Network of Texas.

Cost (Graduate Tuition fees are paid separately to the Credit institution)

Learning is invisible. If you want to observe it, watch its effects; just don't limit where you look. (LW)


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