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We are born learners. Our vision is to have adults experience the joy of learning in a variety of ways through self discovery and exploration of the world around them

RECO's mission is to foster digital and onsite communities among those who want to expand their abilities learn or to serve learners of all ages. We are a training center and a curriculum resource for alternative ways of helping people learn how to learn.

Because technology offers so many ways to reach underserved populations, we focus our efforts on developing resources that can be offered through web and video conferencing, and interactive online instruction.

Our phylosophy on Learning: Learning is change. We can only assess learning by the change that it manifests. We believe that learning is natural. If it isn't happening, something is amiss.

Learning is an individual thing. If we want to direct learning, we must know the learner. The rest is just planning and interacting, and planning and interacting, and planning and interacting, in as many ways as we possibly can!